Sunday 3 May 2015

All the MAC

For all those who know me, you might be aware that I love MAC lipsticks. Not a cheap obsession may I add but a beautiful one none the less. I have to admit that I am a creature of habit in literally every way possible. I'm not a fan of change and in particular when I fall for something I fall hard and often don't expand the variety. This is likely why you will most often see me in my favourite soft gray marl jumper, only ever wear Adidas gym leggings and forever buy brown tortiseshell sunglasses. This is not to say that I'm a spendthrift - probably (and more than I would like to admit) I'm the complete opposite. Not a weekend goes by where I don't come home with a couple of new items of clothing or some can't-walk-away-from homeware. But - I digress!

I recently stumbled across the most amazing bargain on Groupon of a ten piece make up brush set with super soft bristles and bamboo handles for £7.99 - a complete steal for the quality of the pieces. I love of tight brushes and don't tend to like them to splay unless they are built to blend. This eco-friendly set is perfect and came with plenty of varied brushes.  My favourite has to be the rounded eyeshadow brush, although the picture doesn't do it justice, it is perfect for blending out your crease and has become my new staple brush - good going for a bargain brush set and girl who used to use her fingers to apply eyeshadows! You can find them here, but be quick - the offer runs out in 5 days!

Getting down to business, I came here to tell you about my favourite MAC lipsticks. I swatched a few on my arm and shot in different lights to help show a true colour. I can't resist a dark lipstick which explains why you're about to see a few of what many would say are the same shade!

The lip colours shown above from left to right are; Media, Sin, Diva, Brave Red, Ruby Woo, Morange, Twig, Velvet Teddy (my newest addition) and Cherish. Most of these lipsticks are in different finishes - I personally prefer a matte finish for its staying power and depth of colour. 

Sin is probably my lipstick solemate - the pigment is so strong and it sets off any make up look with such bad ass elegance! I bought Brave Red in Heathrow on my way to Cape Town last month and was really excited by it and loved the deep red colour. I have to admit these photographs do not show a true reflection of Brave Red, it looks a lot pinker for some reason! To be honest, when I wore it to my cousins wedding I was disappointed by it's finish. The colour wasn't as strong as I wanted it to be - this is probably due to it being a Cremesheen and personally I prefer lip colours to be matte. Nevertheless I will not be leaving it to gather dust. Ruby Woo has a super matte finish and can actually be quite drying, but with a Brave Red finishing coat the result is dreamy!

I think Morange deserves a special mention here as the perfect summer lipstick. A few of my friends have admittedly given me a strange side eye when they first saw me sporting this tangerine tone, but I love it. A summery complexion, a perfect pair of sunnies and Morange is a winning combination!

I began my nude collection a few months ago and kicked off with Cherish, the palest colour on my swatched arm! I love the texture of this lipstick but I feel like it is a little too pale for me. Next came Twig - inspired by my best friend - and was followed this week by Velvet Teddy. I think Velvet Teddy is definitely going to be a firm favourite in my collection - expect to hear more about this in weeks to come!

Which is your favourite MAC lipstick? All suggestions welcome - I'm already on the hunt for a new shade!

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