Friday 13 February 2015

Homeware Hoader

Last week I was a Pinterest whore and this week I'm going to tell you about being a homeware whore.

For the past few years I have had a growing obsession with collecting homeware.  Little bowls and things in frames are particular favourites, but I sadly (or amazingly, depending on what kind of person you are) spend at least one day a weekend sneaking some homeware into my shopping or visiting my local Poverty Aid shop.  The Poverty Aid shop in Burley is a mecca for second hand homeware, clothes, books and videos and I probably go at least once a month.  You could totally kit your whole house out for a complete steal!

I thought I would share with you some of my most beloved pieces - one of them in particular is not very seasonal but still a personal favourite!

I have wanted a Le Creuset pan for such a long time.  My Mum has a great collection of Le Creuset pans kindly gifted as wedding presents and I love using them.  The sad fact of these beautiful dishes is the price, so when I was in TK Maxx a few weeks ago digging through their homeware section (in my opinion the best part of the store) I found this adorable mini pan.  Ciaran bought it for me and I naturally was over the moon! I think it was about £12.

Following on from the rouge Le Creuset is my beaaauuuutiful Christmas wreath.  I got a bit over excited in like September in Homesense and actually couldn't stop myself from buying it.  It was around £22 which I think is a steal for such a gorgeous wreath.  They had a really good choice of wreaths - not such a good variety of decorations, I find Homesense to be a bit hit and miss but still worth a visit.  

The wreath hung proudly on my door for almost a month, I wanted to get the most out of it and it lasted really well throughout the stormy weather although I did take it off the door once because I was scared of it blowing away!

My next favourites are both from Homesense (maybe not so hit and miss after all?!) and were both really good value.  The mirror was £19.99 and phrenology head was about £12.99.  The mirror sits on a stand but also has a fixture to hang on the wall.  I initially planned on hanging the mirror but decided it looked sweet on my dressing table and incidentally is one of those mirrors that make you look slimmer so it's a win for both teams!

I am so in love with these ram head hooks and cannot wait to find a place in my home for them.  I nabbed them in the M&S sale when I was on the hunt for reduced Christmas decorations.  If you are interested I was too late to get any and I was genuinely devastated!

I can't remember how much they were but I have a feeling they were £7.50 each reduced from £12.  The cosy blanket they are proudly modelling on is from Primark's home section where I, to be honest, probably spend too much time!

I found these gorgeous plates in Poverty Aid and was so tragically excited when I saw them! I love white and blue china and crockery so at £2.50 a plate there was no question that they were coming home with me.

There were only two plates in the shop so naturally I grabbed them both and they are firm favourites for my food photos and special meals.

Gaaaaah they are so gorgeous they make my eyes bleeeedd!

My final favourite is my gorgeous shabby-chic wooden steps.  I cannot give any advice on where to buy them because I found them on eBay and drove to Calderdale to pick them up! I paid £30 for them and everybody said I was robbed blind but I was so pleased with them.  I use them all the time because even though I'm not that small everything in our kitchen is out of reach!

If you didn't come here via my Instagram page and want to check it out my username is ALICEINDIAGORMAN.  You will usually find me posting about nails, homeware, dogs and food so if that sounds like your bag; come join the party!

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