Thursday 7 May 2015


I have to admit I have completely neglected by blog over the past year. Getting too wrapped up in my hectic job I haven't dedicated much time to writing content and tracking page views outside of work AND I'M SORRY! I want to get back on track and work harder to ensure I post regularly and keep filling this space with my musings, favourite eats and of course, my latest buys.

I am a fanatical blog reader (who else would get the top spot other than Hannah Gale) and YouTuber fangirl (I'm all about RawBeautyKristi) and all it does it make me feel guilty for not putting more time into bettering my own blog but being the ultimate procrastinator I haven't been as proactive as I plan to be.

I do though have some super exciting news. And to be extra annoying and superstitious I don't want to shout it from the rooftops until I have the keys in my hands. Slight hint there but I think that could count as jinx free, right? By this time next week it will be bursting out of me and a very excited blog post will be winging its way to you!

 We have just got back from dinner at The Liquorist on my fave road Greek Street in Leeds.  They haven't opened officially yet but seeing as my gorgeous best friend is the newest and sassiest Hostess in town she nabbed us some seats for their trial dinner, including a free cocktail each - I had my standard gin cocktail, the Bramble is unreal!

We went to the bar to claim our free cocktails and were invited to have a look around. The Liquorist used to be the Living Room, my Mum's first port of call as soon as she comes to Leeds, and has a completely different feel. Gone is the slick decor and in is an eclectic, shabby chic vibe  - totally relevant, modern and inviting to consumers;  it's an Instagrammer's dream!

Being utterly shit I left my phone at work and didn't manage to get any photos - that and also the sheer excitement of our food arriving knocked the thought out of my brain until I had finished and realised I had missed my chance to take some snaps! 

The boys and I had: 

  • A fillet steak and the twice baked sour cream and cheese potato
  • Crispy floured onions
  • A chicken and peppers hanging kebab with seasoned chips
  • A sirloin steak again with the twice baked potato
Because it was the trial night we picked our mains out of a raffle and were landed with the most delicious plates on the menu. Total win.

The Liquorist is absolutely not to be missed - the menu is varied and features plates to suit every taste and palate. They have done an excellent job on the refurb, the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is cool, cosy and totally relaxed. Perfect date night material!

If for some reason you aren't already completely won over you can check out the menu here but trust me - it won't disappoint!

Photographs courtesy of The Liqourist Leeds.

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