Sunday 24 March 2013

Why it Sucks Not To Live at Home Anymore

For many of us spreading our wings to go to uni or start an adult life (booo) begins with moving out of our childhood homes and becoming a grown up.  The prospect of living without parental guidance was exciting and liberating at the time, but now more often than not we long to be taken care of the way only a mother knows how. 

One of the best things about living at home was the food.  Delicious home-made meals cooked with love and kindness are second to none.  A fully stocked fridge is now the stuff of dreams, one containing only an ancient Muller Corner and a half eaten Chinese is an all too familiar nightmare.  Why didn’t I realise that nice food is expensive and I don’t have Mum’s trolley to sneak things into anymore?! And oh God, the dishes.  The god forsaken dishes that despite our meticulously planned cleaning rota never seem to be done.

Being ill is most definitely not as fun as it was when I lived at home.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t enjoy being ill, but being at home when Dad always came up trumps with the Lucozade, meals are made on request and hugs are on demand are things I really miss – even when its just a hangover. 

At first coming home whenever you pleased, and as pissed as you pleased, was amazing. There were no harsh words about how you were wasting your life and drinking all your money away.  Now I almost long for the telling off – reminding me that last glass of Pinot Grigio was most definitely a bad idea, if the reminder of the embarrassingly tipsy texts weren’t enough. 


The worst, and most unbearable, thing about not living at home anymore for some people, myself included, is the lack of pets.  No furry babies to force your cuddles upon and to cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day is surely the saddest fact of them all.  I spend my days stroking every dog I walk past and sobbing uncontrollably at RSPCA adverts on TV, having regular debates with my housemates about how if I did have a dog I would most definitely walk it, even in the rain, and would be first on hand with the pooper scooper. 

Despite the sorrows of not living at home anymore, we mustn’t forget there are so many benefits.   We can make grown up choices, for grown up people, even if that means having to wear bikini bottoms to work because we left it too late to do the laundry, having the messiest room in a 2 mile radius and having a pint.  Of wine.  (It makes for fewer trips to the fridge).

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