Friday 29 March 2013

5 People You Absolutely Must Not Trust

Gone are the days of children playing in the streets until it went dark, with just a casual “Don’t take sweets from strangers and don’t get in anyone’s car” from Mum on the way out the door.  The world seems to of become a much more untrustworthy place with deceptions at every turn.  I have compiled a list of 5 people who you absolutely must not trust, this is your warning in advance.

1.      The Person With One Facebook Photo (or even worse, none)

In an era that revolves around Facebook, particularly a student’s world at submission time, we go straight to social media to check out that guy or have a creep of the mean one in your group, but there is nothing stranger than limited Facebook photos.  This is particularly frustrating for me because I must admit I am a prime creep on Facebook, some may say world class (I know I’m not the only one to be secretly proud of it). I’m confused, does this mean you’ve got no mates or that you’re just incredibly vain? Either way I don’t like the idea of this person – definitely not one to be trusted. 

2.      The Girl Who Eats Nothing but Rubbish but is Effortlessly Slim

This is a very shady character, one I am very distrusting of.  I refuse to believe that your metabolism is just that fast and you are model-esqe on a diet of Big Macs and Chicken Wings.  That kebab you’re flinging around and your super toned tummy don’t add up. No. That’s very deceitful and could actually be considered poor advertising.  Probably not a case for the Advertising Standards Agency, but still not to be trusted.

3.      The Person With 5000 Friends on Facebook

I just can’t my head around how this is possible and it surely can’t be a true representation.  The only way this could be so is if the accused person is a serial adder of friends.  I could barely name 50 people let alone know 5000.  I’d consider this person to be a shady character; someone with that many friends online surely can’t have many in real life. 

4.      Anyone Who Doesn’t Like Animals

Anyone who doesn’t like animals surely HAS to have something wrong with them, although I can excuse those who are scared of animals (with those frightened of puppies being the exception to that rule).  Animals are the best thing ever, top of my list is most definitely dogs – I literally can’t stop myself stroking any dog I walk by.  Similarly to this, and what I believe to be a real judge of person, is whether or not a dog likes them.  If dogs don’t like you, something seriously and I mean seriously, must be wrong with you.

5.      A Dog With a Guilty Look in His Eye

This is without a doubt the shadiest of all shadiest characters and the least trustworthy of them all.  A dog with this look in his eye has definitely been up to something and sometimes it’s almost better not to find out what it is.  Your best bet is he has eaten your dinner off your plate, eaten a whole box of tissues or done the unmentionable.  In your bedroom.

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