Saturday 23 January 2016

Why It's Cool To Be A Basic Bitch

Amongst many definitions on the Urban Dictionary, a basic bitch is described as someone who is just an extra regular female. So many people strive to break away from the crowd, be totally original and unique and you know what that is totally amazing. But many of us and are just happy cruising through life and enjoying the same things as everyone else. Whether it's because insecurity stops you from putting yourself out there or you do genuinely just love Velvet Teddy, it's cool. There's no judgement here; asides from the Pumpkin Spice addiction I'm repping for the basic bitch crew.

I slave over winged eyeliner and never get it quite right, but I'm okay with that (sort of). Each time I take a trembling stab at it I'm getting marginally better. Typical basic bitch probs to suffer from shitty flicks and lust after Pinteresty Jaclyn Hill wings. One day they will be mine.

And who doesn't love Froyo!? Frozen yoghurt presents endless possibilities and is healthy enough to allow you to pretend the caramel sauce, sprinkles and mini marshmallows don't count. That my friends is called breaking even. And is my favourite justification for anything, ever.

I fall into the category of easily influenced gals who can't resist a splurge if someone even vaguely recommends a fab lipstick, scented candle or face cream. I'm an online marketeer's dream. God even the mention of 'SALE' and I'm there before you've even blinked. As the patron saint of Velvet Teddy I can attest to that. I'm pretty sure I bought it after reading one mention online. All I can say is that my credit card company must LOVE me.

I mean who doesn't love gin. I swear every blogger has it in their bio (me included) and you know why? Because it is so bloody delicious. Basic bitches unite!

We all have a moment in each day where the thought "that is soo 'gramable" goes through our minds. We may have even borrowed someone's lunch/shoes/lipstick for a post or bought something just for it's Instagram potential. In a world where popularity, influence and even 'worthiness' is factored on your online presence the pull of presenting your 'best self' can be hard to resist. 

Gym leggings become your everyday uniform and you're not even bothered. I probably wear my gym leggings for non gym stuff more than I do for actually working out and that really is saying something. They're the ultimate in comfort and the more you wear them the more flattering you will convince yourself they are. Right now mine are in the 10/10 would wear again category. They have to be ripped off my legs for work and that makes me so sad.

Ultimately there is nothing wrong with liking the same things as everyone else. The messy bun is your signature. Starbucks, emojis,  SATC, #SweaterWeather, Uggs and even giving smizing a bash -  you're not alone. I'm standing right there with you. They're all so popular for a reason - because they are bloody fantastic. Oh and owning a pair of Louboutins in your lifetime. Hashtag LifeGoals. 

At the end of the day who doesn't come straight home from work, immediately take their trousers off before the key has even come out of the door and change into their jammies. Tea and biscuits a go-go and straight under a blanket while Netflix soldiers on playing ignored PLL in the background while you cruise through Twitter and watch funny videos of cats and scroll through Pets4Homes looking for a fictional puppy. We've all been there because we are one and the same (lol) and we are all fronting for the basic bitches!


  1. Hell yes to the gin! I'm pretty sure everyone uses the word basic bitch in an ironic sense now. Like they say only basic bitches do that and than go and do the same thing, because who cares? Everyone likes it for a reason... because it's good!

  2. I am so easily influenced, I buy so many things because others just recommend it on their blog. And I follow a lot of blogs so I am constantly buying stuff which I really don't need! Oops x

    1. That is completely my life! Honestly can't resist a recommended purchase!x

  3. :)) You are soooo right :)

  4. Yass! I like your style! :) Definitely okay to be a basic bitch and everyone else needs to get off our backs!