Wednesday 27 January 2016

8 Things That Make Me Happy

Of course there are the normal things that make me happy. My friends; family; pets; holidays and wine but there's more to all of us than that.

When the week's are long and the days are Monday-y it's good to reflect on what makes us smile and the things that make our hearts beam.

Here is my list of the things that make me happy.

1.   The perfect avo

2.  When there are parking spaces at the front of the gym. If I wanted to hike I wouldn't have come

3.   When my unintentional dreadlocks are easy to brush out

4.   When the deli puts enough sandwich in my sandwich

5.   When I meet people with dogs. 'Oh how interesting you work in Marine Biology. What's your dog called? What breed is she? When can I come to your house?'

6.   When a scab has got to prime scab picking maturity. Soz about that one.

7.   Hashtag disasters. Any one still up for #susanalbumparty?

8.   Cyber goths raving to Thomas the Tank Engine 

I'll just leave this here. You can thank me later.

What are your little victories?


  1. Hhahaa, the dog one is *so* true for me. I have to resist approaching random strangers because I'll just end up talking to their dog in a baby voice. One (maybe?) weird thing that makes me so happy is having optimum amount of bags when out food shopping. Such a win. x

    1. It is literally the definition of my life! I agree about the bags - I generally go for one and regret it when I get to the till. Cue packing the second bag in the rain back at the car!xx