Saturday 12 December 2015

Winter Favourites

I'm starting my Winter favourites early because I have so much to share! Despite the last few weeks being totally grim so much has made me smile. And it's not just because I am going home for two whole weeks for Christmas - excited doesn't even scratch the surface!


My most favourite Winter favourite is the newest addition to our family - Clemmie Stephanie Gallagher. We adopted her from the Gildersome Cats Protection in early November.  She had lived previously with an elderly man who was unable to care for her full time anymore. Our 8 year old baby is the most gorgeous girl and so affectionate, she just wants to be loved all day.

Who could resist her soupy face! (Prepare for a cute cat pic overload)

Olympus Pen E-PL7

I have wanted a proper camera for so many years but never actually got round to devoting a couple of hundred pounds to one. I had a problem because I wanted one which would produce excellent quality pics, was easy to use, carry around and wasn't just big and clunky. I came across the Olympus Pen E-PL7 earlier in the year and totally set my heart on it. When Black Friday came around I was poised and managed to wangle it for £100 off. It's not exactly an ABC guide in terms of ease of use but like all techy products after a play around you get the gist of it. I particularly love the app which makes it a total dream to import pics to your phone and take shots via remote control (your phone). Definitely recommended!

Apricot HBT Nails

I've been going to Apricot for almost two years now and I can say with confidence it is the best salon I have been to in Leeds. I've tried so many and been disappointed by the quality of service, ridiculous prices or poor practice.  Some would say I'm fussy, but I'm just particular - I know what I want! I get my nails (gels), waxes and hair cut here and the girls are so lovely and know what they are doing. Prices are fair and they even have a new loyalty scheme where you can claim back a free hair cut or set of gels - AMAZIN! Excuse the two week growth...

Dune Heels

I'll not go into too much detail about these little beauties because they totally speak for themselves. Another Black Friday purchase and I managed to get them for half price! I'll be talking about them further next week so for now I'll just leave this here...

New Layouts

If you have been here before you might notice I have a new blog design.  I bought it on Etsy and I am totally in love.  I was never happy with the layout and design of my previous blog, it just looked a bit shit.  In my new layout you can view posts by category which makes it so much easier to find specific posts - I've also added a search bar if you are looking for something particular. I hope you like my new design even just a bit as much as me, let me know what you think!

Christmas Tree

To end on a festive note one of my absolute favourite things of this month has been putting up my Christmas tree. I've been pining after a real tree for years and finally had the opportunity to get one. After supreme jealous of my bezzies real tree last year I was on a mission to collect decorations for my tree.  I had been counting down the days to decorate it and am absolutely in love!

What ever you are doing this Christmas have a beautiful one!

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