Tuesday 22 December 2015

What's Been On My Feet: December

Like most girls I love shoes of all varieties but especially (and predictably) heels. I used to be the kind of gal who would go to Sainburys in her best shoes, because why waste them on a night out - these babies need the light of day to shine! I stopped wearing heels so often a few years ago and I don't really know why. Maybe it was the impending doom of getting older and turning into the kind of girl who's feet feel toeless after an hour in sky scrapers (which FYI I totally am), but I never stopped lusting after stiletto stunners.

I feel 99% of you will know what I mean as you read the next few words: Carrie. Bradshaw. Blue. Bridal. Manolo. Blahniks. Cue instant wedding daydreams of these beauties on your feet.  Since the moment I saw these bad boys I knew I needed them; so when I came across a snazzy Dune dupe on Instagram I had to have them!

The 'Breanna', from Dune, are these gorgeous beasts which I got in the Black Friday sale. Although they aren't and will never be the Manolo's my heart bleeds for they are a pretty spectacular copy. They did come in many different colours and styles but unfortunately have largely sold out. Reduced from £89 to £44 they were a complete steal! Check out the link; there are still some sizes and styles left.

Although I am more of a suede/leopard print pump kind of girl I do love my Vans and Converse. I have long been a fan of the sky blue Vans but was given these ruby ones for my birthday a few years ago and have only just clawed them out from the back of my wardrobe. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure if the red ones suited me, I've had the blue version since I first invested but I am so glad I brought them out.

I've worn them so much in the last few weeks - I have even forgiven them for the monstrous blister they gave me on the first day I wore them. I have been blessed with the kind of heels that blister as soon as new shoes are put on. Lucky me. Nevertheless they have become my go-to flats for December as it has finally got a bit too chilly for my ballet flats. Schuh and Office both stock a really great variety of Vans which are totally worth checking out. 

Lastly, I bought these scarlet heels in a flurry of realising I hadn't had a shiny new pair of stilts in a very long time. I cruised all of my favourite high street stores and couldn't find anything I was willing to part with my cash for until I found these. Also available in taupe (which I am still lusting after) they are so chic and comfortable for longer than they appear.

I love the asymmetric upper which differentiates them from your standard festive footwear. I wore them out for a relatively messy night out and of course they were pretty filthy by the time I got home. How does that even happen?? But they came up good as new after a scrub with an old, damp toothbrush.

The only thing I would change about them would be the amount of toe cleavage they present. I know it's a huge pet peeve for lots of gals but I love it and none of my favourite shoes would have gained their status without it! A little more TC and they would be perfect!

What have you been wearing on your feet this month?

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