Friday 4 March 2016

Beauty Confessions Tag

I was tagged in the Beauty Confessions Tag by the lovely Eleanor over at Teapots and Elephants earlier in the week. I can't restist a little quiz so I'm excited to get started! I love reading people's answers to quizes and a Q&A video is the first one I'll watch on YouTube. Of course I love to read posts on people thoughts and opinions, but an 'About Me' page is always the first I'll click on when I'm on a blog. I just LOVE knowing as much as I can about you - I'm far too nosy for my own good. So, if you are like me, this post might be fun to read and to try!

I am going to tag Beth at Life with B, Emily Jayne at Love, Emily Jayne and Tazhi at I'd love it if you took part so I could read your answers (coz I'm nosy!), just link it back to me :). Simply copy the questions and answer for yourself. 

1.) What is your biggest beauty product addiction? (Lippies, blushes, highlighter, bronzer, mascara, etc.)
Definitely lipsticks! I have SO many and am such a sucker for seeing/hearing about one person raving about one and straight up buying it. Most of mine are from MAC but my new personal favourites are the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks - they are so pigmented and last forever. 

2.) How many products do you have from your addiction?

I couldn't even hazard a guess as they are all over the place! I keep a few faves in my handbag, as well as in my make up bag, on my dressing table and in the car. A bit impractical because it makes it hard to find them in a hurry! I would say I probably have close to 50 which doesn't seem like a huge amount but when you add up the value of them all it is a bit sickening.

3.) What is one type of beauty product you hate? (highlighters, hairspray, etc.)

Hmmm this is hard. I was about to say there was wasn't anything I hate but then I remembered lip gloss. Ugh. I HATE the stickiness and how your hair is constantly getting stuck in it. I don't even like the look of it to be honest. Lip gloss is something I can safely say I will never fall in love with.

 4.) What has been your biggest challenge in beauty? (ex: a technique you learned or leaving a beauty comfort zone)
Biggest challenge I would say has been perfecting my winged eyeliner, and even then it is definitely not perfect every time. Funnily enough my 'bad eye' (right eye) which was always the trickest to do and the one that always looked shit has overtaken my left. They've swapped sides which is frustrating - WHY CAN'T YOU BOTH BE PERFECT!

5.) What is one beauty comfort zone you don’t ever think you’ll leave?
I rarely wash my hair and that is something that won't change. It never gets greasy and the longer I leave it the more I like it. It seems to grow texture and volume and I much prefer it like that. I tend to wash it once every 7-10 days and spritz it with dry shampoo on the regs to keep it smelling fresh. I actually plan my life around when I will be washing my hair. I totally resent going out the day after I wash my hair so if I know a night out or something I want to look okay for is coming up I will wash my hair 3+ days in advance.

6.) What is one beauty thing you suck at? (ex: eyeliner like cat eye or taking your makeup off at the end of the day, etc.)
I feel like I talk about this all the time but winged eyeliner. I am slowly improving but it is still something I have to really try hard to do. Nothing is more infuriating than when it is just not working for you and you have to clean all your eye make up off and start again. The stuff of nightmares.

7.) What is one thing in beauty that you don’t understand its hype? (Technique, trend, etc.)

This is a pretty out-there and probably incorrect answer to this question but I honestly cannot get my head around duck feet nails. Like what the actual hell?! BELIEVE ME this is not my hand!

Another I'm not keen on is people who have naturally dark hair dying it blonde. I always think its looks so wrong - I generally think people look best with the hair colour they were born with.

Thank you again to Eleanor from Teapots and Elephants for tagging me!

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