Wednesday 6 April 2011

News Release for Charity Football Match (Cancer Research UK)

On the 29th March a group of PR students from Leeds Metropolitan University hosted a charity football event for Cancer Research UK.  The organisers of the small fundraising event invited people to play in teams for the matches from their friends and flatmates.  Three teams of five played four short matches each to determine the winning of the afternoons sport. 

The pitches where hired from Powerleague Leeds, situated behind Opal One and Two accommodation providing lethargic students a short warm up walk to clear their hangovers.  The three teams who played where required to pay £5 per player to compete in the matches and together the teams raised just under £100 for Cancer Research UK.
Cancer Research UK was chosen as the charity the organisers wanted to represent as it was a charitable trust which the group felt very strongly about due to numerous personal matters and thought the charity is a deserving cause.
Josh Cosby, a student of the PR course at Leeds Metropolitan said “it was a well run tournament which was made even better by my team beating our rivals”.  The teams played through the rain on Tuesday afternoon and the winning team received a crate of beer.
The day was an all round success – congratulations to the winning team and the PR students at Leeds Metropolitan University who put it all together.

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